My first wedding season

This blog post is VERY overdue but it's one that I've wanted to write, no matter how long it took me to finally get to it.

This past wedding season was my first time photographing weddings and I absolutely loved it and I also learned a lot from it too — both as a photographer and as someone who is newly engaged!

I shot three weddings and each one was unique and special in its own way. Each wedding that I photographed was for someone that went to the same college, my fellow FC alums. So I first just want to thank each of them for believing in me and trusting me to capture their special day, even though I didn't have much experience with weddings.

JULY 14, 2018

Taylor and Justin's wedding was held on campus at Franklin College with their ceremony in the chapel. It was the perfect setting for my first wedding because it was somewhere that I was comfortable, I knew the environment and I knew exactly what the lighting was going to be like in the chapel.

If you've never done a shoot with me before, one thing you should know about my shooting style is that no matter what, whether it's a wedding or individual portraits, I always use natural light. I don't bring my own lighting kits or even use flash. That being said, I knew the lighting situation in the chapel was going to be a little tricky because it has very yellow tones and low light.

But to my benefit, Taylor was very laid back and didn't really want photos during the ceremony or even the reception. She just wanted me to shoot the posed shots before & after the ceremony and then the group photos with family & friends.

They also had a fairly small wedding with just family and close friends so it was intimate and a good amount of people to have to corral (and to my surprise I was about to fit everyone in between these two trees)!

I couldn't have asked for a better first wedding shoot. Although it was pretty hot that day, my task was pretty simple and I was in my element — somewhere I had been shooting photos for the past few years. It was the perfect way to ease me into shooting weddings.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2019

Lexi and Jameson's wedding was absolutely beautiful! During the course of getting to work with Lexi, I really got to know her. I knew of her at Franklin College but had never met or talked to her before. It was actually a mutual friend that recommended me to her (shout out to Alysia! Thanks girl!).

Lexi was super chill & just a super down-to-earth person and I loved getting to know her and photograph her special day!

I was also low-key pretty nervous to shoot her wedding because the expectations were a step up from Taylor's wedding. But Lexi was very easy going and assured me that she trusted me to do well. She was also not picky at all about her photos, which was helpful LOL.

Prior to wedding day we met up and she gave me a whole schedule and a list of names for group photos (who specifically she wanted to make sure to get photos with) and that was SUPER helpful, let me just say! From a photographer's stand point, especially for someone new to it, it can be pretty overwhelming to try to make sure you get all of the shots that the couple (or the bride) asks for.

So if I could give any advice or tip to the person booking the photographer, it would be to provide a brief outline/timeline/schedule for wedding day.

Lexi's wedding was held in a secluded venue (I feel like most wedding venues in Indiana are in the middle of nowhere lol) that was surrounded by trees and was up on a little hill. It was so perfect - even down to all of the decorations and little details. And I gotta give Lexi so much credit because she did a lot of it on her own and she did an AMAZING job!

During the maid of honor's speech, she said that Lexi is the type of person that when you get to know her, she's someone that you want to know for the rest of you life — and I totally agree! Lexi and Jameson are a beautiful couple and I'm so happy for them.

OCTOBER 6, 2019

Megan and Kedrick had an intimate backyard wedding on the hottest October day you could ever image. (I still remember sweating bullets lol) And even, then it was still so perfect.

I'll never forget when when my fiancé and I pulled up to Megan's parent's property and we heard the sound of a donkey. Haha it was amazing! Her parents were as sweet as could be and her Dad loved tossing my fiancé beers on the job. *laughing emoji*

What I loved the most about shooting Megan & Kedrick's wedding was the fact that it felt like a Franklin College reunion. It was so fun to get to see some friends that I hadn't seen in a LONG time!

Now, back to their actual wedding. Again, this wedding was a step up from the previous wedding.

Megan wanted me to capture the getting ready, first look and all the candid moments. I hadn't done that before, so I will say I was definitely a little nervous about it and I wanted the photos to be perfect.

They weren't exactly perfect to my standards but I did learn a little bit about how to to do the first look photos. For Megan's dress reveal to her bridesmaids, she was in a separate room and I didn't really know how to go about it so I had the bridesmaids wait on one side of the room that Megan was going to enter into. Then I told Megan when to go and then I just took the pictures. But with better planning or more thinking it through, I realize now that I should have had the bridesmaids close their eyes and then have Megan already in the room in front of them when they opened their eyes.

It only takes a second for them to see her so I only have seconds to capture their reaction. If I would have done it the other way, it would have made it much easier for me to catch their reactions and have more control over the timing.

Looking back on Megan & Kedrick's wedding, I will say I felt a little off. I was so nervous about getting all the perfect shots that I think I psyched myself out a little bit. I'm happy with a lot of the photos, but at the same time I know I could've done much better on a lot of them too.

It's hard because there's so much pressure on the photographer but I think it's also important for the newlyweds to remember that it's a lot for one (or even two people) to try to capture and it won't always be perfect.

Aside from that, I loved photographing Megan & Kedrick's wedding. I really enjoyed getting to work with them and their free spirited attitude. It was so nice getting to know them and their relationship.

Kedrick comes off as a very shy, reserved person so it was a joy to see him so happy and letting loose.

Thank you so much to Taylor, Lexi and Megan for choosing me to be their wedding photographer.

My first wedding season was full of smiles, laughs and learning moments.

It is one that I will definitely never forget & I can't wait for what my next wedding season will bring.

To see more of my wedding photos, visit my client galleries here.

– Nicole

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